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Caring Connections

At Family Support Network of Southern Piedmont (FSNSP), we believe that the greatest asset a child can have is a strong family. We help strengthen families who are raising children with special healthcare needs, disability, or who were born prematurely by connecting them to the support systems they need. Our Parent-to-Parent Matching program allows families to gain support, education, and caring connections from those who have lived through their experiences first-hand.

Get the support you need from a fellow parent who understands. Contact FSNSP about our Parent-to-Parent Matching program today!

Parent-to-Parent Matching

Through our Parent-to-Parent Matching program, we match trained parents with families seeking support. Parent mentors are people who have “been there” and understand the ins and outs of raising a child born prematurely or with other special healthcare needs or disability. These parent mentors provide encouragement, emotional support, and resource information.

Want to get involved with the Parent-to-Parent Matching program? It’s easy!

  • Fill Out the Form: Fill out the connection form to begin the matching process.
  • We’ll Review Your Situation: Our team will carefully review your submission to find the best match based on your individual needs.
  • We’ll Match You Up: After the review process, we’ll match you to one of our parent mentors who we feel is best suited to help you navigate your specific circumstances.
  • You’ll Communicate: Once you’ve been matched to a parent mentor, you can communicate with one another by phone, text, email, or in person. 

We also offer Parent Mentor Orientation to parents who are interested in volunteering to help support other families. For more information on how to become a parent mentor, please contact FSNSP online today!

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